Ken on stage '80's

Portrait with beige strat

Buzztones V.3
Left to right, Alan Thiele, K.C.,
Dan Deshara and Jim Funk

Ken Cooper Band, Late '80's
Left to right.
K.C., Karl Keeler and Robin

Ken Cooper Band '90's
From left to right. Byron Allred,
K.C., Karl Keeler

The Electric Head Band
Left to right. Don Bott, Alan Thiele,
John Seabury, K.C. and Al Chan

Flier: The Punchline

Slide guitar at Pyramid

The Famous Trio.
Left to right. Dan Dashara,
Alan Thiele and K.C.

Electric Head Band Logo.
By John Seabury

The Buzztones V.2
Left to right. K.C., Alan Thiele,
Dave Martin and Dan Deshara

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